Pesach 2014 – LIONCAGE & HASC FREE E-Recycling Program

HASC Center eCycling & LionCage Data Security  – Kosher for Pesach

In response, to ever-increasing consensus that employment is crucial for improving the quality of life for people with these disabilities and considered a benchmark for measuring the success of special education programs, HASC Center established the HASC eCycling program. The eCycling program allows our disabled and non-disabled residents to work side-by-side with IT & Recycling professionals working alongside our NAID AAA certified partner LionCage Data Security  paying our workers a respectable minimum wage to perform services that may be required by law.

LionCage shredding trucks and data destructions vans will be strategically placed across the metro area. To view the schedule or to order a custom pick up
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HASC Center, has retro-fitted a large factory-like facility that had once served as a traditional workshop setting, into a modern, technologically sophisticated work environment with specialized equipment and highly complex security systems. These systems track each piece of electronic equipment which enters the facility until it is disassembled into its component parts. The need for such security measures is insure that all hard drives and data are accounted for and their destruction is securely monitored according to industry standards.  Large pallets of used computers, digital boxes, printers and copiers arrive at the facility where they are catalogued and immediately thereafter the disassembly begins.  The workers both with disabilities and without, using hand-held electric screwdrivers, drills and other tools take apart the particular item and then place each component part into a respective bin.  There are bins for plastic material, others for wires, mother boards and another for metal parts.  When these large bins are at capacity they are trucked to the point of destination where they are appropriately re-cycled.  All magnetic media can be either degaussed, sanitized or shredded all data is destroyed by LionCage in a secure NSA compliant manner.

LionCage-Shredding-HASC-ADHASC Center eCycling is an integrated setting allowing for disabled and non-disabled to work side-by-side and it pays the workers a minimum wage. The advantage of having this enterprise under the auspices of HASC Center is that there are allowances for initial assessment and skills training in conjunction with on-going interventions during the course of employment.

The eCycling Center provides recycling services for both the private sector and businesses, and uses the highest industry standards in safety and security, as well as, providing “green tech” jobs for the disabled. However, the eCycling program is very much dependent on individuals, mid-size businesses, and large corporations in providing their unwanted electronic equipment to the eCycling Center.

With Pesach quickly approaching and the annual ritual of cleaning our homes will shortly begin in earnest. Homemakers will meticulously clean, scrub and rid their homes of any and all unnecessary items that have accumulated over the course of the year. During this season a walk in Brooklyn will surely result in the sighting of “shaimos trucks” strategically parked in front of shuls and Batei Midrashim – a community service which allows people to discard their shaimos in a kosher and halachically sound manner.

This year, HASC Center will provide a similar community service to help individuals discard their unwanted computers, printers, copy machines and paper.  HASC Center is working with LionCage , a very reputable establishment in a coordinated effort to provide this service.  LionCage operates state of the art shredding trucks as well mobile data destruction units to ensure compliance with strict privacy regulations. During the weeks prior to Pesach, LionCage trucks will be parked in especially designated areas according to a pre-determined schedule. (see ad)  Individuals will have the option to drop off the equipment at no cost and to witness the on-site degaussing, sanitization and or shredding of their hard drives to allay any security concerns.  Offsite scheduled pickups are available as well.

LionCage-Shredding-SprinterThere are three important advantages for those who avail themselves of this service in the eCycling their ‘retired’ equipment.  First, there is an effortless option as to how and where to discard aging equipment.  Second, they know that their ‘retired’ equipment is being discarded in an eco-friendly manner helping the environment and not contributing to the waste stream.  Third, they are helping to support the employment of people with disabilities which will facilitate their growth and contribute to their establishing productive and meaningful lives.  From every perspective, recycling with HASC Center & LionCage is a win-win experience

To learn more about Pesach – Passover recycling program please contact

HASC –  Josh at 646-285-5362

LionCage Data Security  – 718-575-LION

Please note – This is a special program related to Passover 2014 in conjunction with HASC. LionCage works with multiple charities and creates special events to suit their charitable needs. Please contact us for more information.

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